Yandols Zeon X
Series Rocknarok Story Remastered
Kanji やんどるす・ゼオン・エックス
Rōmaji Yandorusu Zeon Ekkusu
Age 18
Species Human
Gender Male
Job Wanderer
Affiliation Team Rocknarok
Status Alive
More info
Weight 79 kg (172 lbs)
Height 183 cm (6')
Weapon(s) Twin Swords


Voice Actor(s) Japanese: Mamoru Miyano

Yandols Zeon X (やんどるす・ゼオン・エックス Yandorusu Zeon Ekkusu) is a wandering swordsman and companion of Nopihina Matthew. He serves as the current main protagonist of the story.


Yandols is described as a young man in his late teens, with a scar across his right eye, sharp hazel eyes and spiky brown hair. Goggles are strapped above his forehead, and he wears a brown leather jacket covering a tattered white shirt. He also wears long brown pants along with a belt holding his two swords in place. His right hand has a gauntlet, while his left has a black fingerless glove. Fur is present on the collar of his jacket and end of his jeans. The author describes him as 'a scarred warrior' in his initial appearance.


Yandols is quiet and calm, rarely showing signs of emotion unless he deems it necessary. He puts the safety of others above his own, evident when he does his best to keep Nopihina out of harm's way.

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