In Non-Fiction

The Rocknarok Center

Yandols is the sole founder and creator of The Rocknarok Center, a forum hosted for free by ZetaBoards. It was created on 24 July 2009 with its purpose being to allow fans of the Rockman Game Series and Ragnarok Game to meet and discuss about the two game series.

In Fiction

Rocknarok Story

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Rocknarok Story Remastered

In Rocknarok Story Remastered, Yandols Zeon X is a wandering swordsman and companion of Nopihina Matthew. He serves as the current main protagonist of the story.


In Excalion, Yandols Zeon X is the 10th Generation heir to the Zeon Tribe, the ruling tribe in control of the Kingdom of Rocknarok. Yandols and his followers were exiled from Rocknarok in 2011AD after a public debate regarding the future of the Kingdom of Rocknarok.

St. Sky Stories/Sky Chronicles

In the canon series of St. Sky Stories, Yandols ZeonX is a highschool student that created a floating city in the sky named St. Sky (formerly named St. Sky Park) using Ymir technology. The story focuses on his daily life and his development of St. Sky while still studying at SAS Academy, which is right under St. Sky.

In Sky Chronicles, the series follow as Yandols adapts to college life in Sky City, the capital of Sky - a floating continent somewhere to the east of Labuan, 32 kilometres high up in the atmosphere. Yandols is also one of the founding members of Sky and is involved in its initial development, using technology based on Ymir.

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