An example of a visceral node.

A visceral node is a point of concentrated magical energy. It is scattered throughout certain locations around the Sky Region’s continent. It's purpose is to stabilize magical energy that keeps the entire continent from falling apart. In a way, it is equivalent to the tectonic plates of earth. These visceral nodes connect between each other through visceral links and every single node is connected to at least one other node. Visceral nodes can only be seen by people who have dwelled in the arts of spiritual energy.


Visceral nodes refresh each other by cycling the energy through one another via visceral links. In certain areas, some nodes have failed to do so and started to become unstable due to heavy or irregular magical energy usage within its control field. People of the sky have built temples and related structures to stabilize these failing nodes.

A visceral node will not fade when it becomes unstable, instead the energy within its control field will become chaotic. A node can be further destabilized if one was to build a temple or altar that amplifies it instead of stabilizing it.



A visceral node requires third party interaction to stabilize it when it is unable to stabilize itself.

People who are adept in the arts of spiritual energy can perform rituals at shrines or temples built upon a node to keep them in order. This will also ensure the energy being distributed by its control field is being spread properly


A visceral node can be amplified to significantly increase its energy throughput, however doing so will cause it to become unstable.

While adepts may sometimes amplify nodes for a brief moment to direct energy through visceral links, certain groups of people amplify them for bad intents. These group of people have been amplifying nodes to extract magical energy for their own benefit or to purposely cause disruption to the control field.

When a visceral node becomes too unstable, negative creatures will start to spawn within its control field. These negative creatures will try to wreak havoc in the spiritual side of the world which causes a bigger impact in the instability of the Sky Region.

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