The Alternate War was a regional war on Sky that took place between 2010 to 2012. It was a battle among different factions, trying to claim territories over Sky while it was still in its construction phase.

The Alternate War followed a desperate O.S.R. attempt to win the territorial war. At the brink of their destruction, Rumario Alderstein used a Time machine to erase Yandols Z'eon X in 2008, before the Sky City project was even approved; which he had hoped to eliminate much of W.I.N.D.'s technologies and superiority over the O.S.R. . Initially the act had much, the whole desire effected. In this new war, the O.S.R. were winning over W.I.N.D. by rushing through Sky's central and south borders in destroying their enemy.

However, not all changes were favorable to the O.S.R., an unforeseen change was the rise of a technologically advanced and aggressive faction, the Legion of Destruction (L.O.D.). The Japanese-oriented faction attacked the O.S.R. as they were preoccupied against W.I.N.D. forces on the continent. An attempt by Angstrom to retaliate with superelectromagnetic weapons against an unexpected Imperial aggression was foiled by another unexpected development: there were no superelectromagnetic weapons in the altered timeline. The O.S.R. faced a conventional war on two fronts for now.

As it transpired, the development of many technologies associated with Yandols were merely delayed. Many entered the Allied arsenal as the conflict progressed, albeit at later dates than in the previous timeline. Eventually only one company came to the rescue with new hi-tech weapons for Sky leaders, naming itself: the Paradigm Shift.

A temporary alliance between W.I.N.D. and the O.S.R. subdued the Legion. When the war was between the traditional foes again, once more was that the O.S.R. were defeated by the victorious W.I.N.D. . Ophelia's attempt to alter the outcome of the crisis had failed.

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