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Rocknarok Wikia is a Wiki focusing on Rocknarok, a forum hosted for free by ZetaBoards. It is was created on 24 July 2009 by Yandols which is now known as Sara. Original purpose of the forum was to allow fans of the Rockman Game Series and Ragnarok Game to meet and discuss about the two game series. In late 2009, Yandols and another administrator of the forum started to host a private server for Ragnarok, which is closed in early 2010 for heavy maintenance. Don't be shy; we want you to make new pages where they're needed and even edit existing ones!

You can also contribute to liven up the community with the Forum.

The 2014 Rocknarok Wikia Overhaul !

―Pinkie Pie, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Season 3)

Originally, Yandols created this wiki to store content related to the original site. But instead, members of the site begin recording events that occur on the Rocknarok but not detailed. Some time later, more than 70% of the content on the wiki are "Sakray Anime" related. These are fictional anime series that are created by Yandols. Episodes of these animes used to be available on the internet some years ago, but are now extinct since nobody has a copy of them.

Now, in 2014, We are undergoing an overhaul to change this around and add more Rocknarok related content. This is now possible ever since Rocknarok gained its own unique storyline in 'Rocknarok Story', a fictional story written by Jeramu. Because of this, other members of Rocknarok are also writing their own stories which are published on the Fanfiction/Stories section of the original site. Content from those stories are also to be added onto the wiki.

Highlighted Series

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Rocknarok Story Rocknarok Story Remastered P.H.A.S.E. The Nautilus Project

Sakray Related Content

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Sky Chronicles St. Sky Stories Sky Chronicles: Alternate Future N Sky Chronicles: Infinite Resurrection Arcana Wars Sky Chronicles: Back to the Map Sky Chronicles: Brand New Map

Latest Activity

Rocknarok Story Remastered

Rocknarok Story Remastered is a total renewal of the original Rocknarok Story written by Jeramu, come see the all new RSR related page :


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Characters Series
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TRRC Locaria
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