TRRC War is a phenomenon between our Administrator Nopihina and our Moderator DSO.

This phenomenon started about a month after Dark Saber's arrival.

TRRC War History

First TRRC War

The First War occured when Nopihina and Tezuka argued about something relating to gaming, most probably about Rockman.

Second TRRC War

The Second War started around November 2009 and ended somewhat around early January 2010 when Yandols returns from his holiday. The Second War mostly occured on the Rocknarok TS.

Third TRRC War

The Third TRRC War had occured when Tezuka started playing Grand Chase.

Tezuka after that, leaves TRRC, but unknowingly, his brother came too after that.


The TRRC War occurs at many location, most commonly at TRRC's Chatbox and sometimes on the Rocknarok TS.

3rd Parties

There are of course other users that sometimes get involved with the war between Nopihina and Tezuka. Most commonly users that get involved is Yandols and StarBusterX, which sometimes try to break the fight.

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