A static storm occurring above an unknown city within Arasia.


A static storm about to start, above Aulump City.

A static storm is a weather phenomenon that occurs irregularly across the skies of Peninsular Arasia (or at least in Aulump City). It is significantly less deadly compared to the Ion Storms that can occur across the skies of East Arasia, which includes Salanak, Sky and Victoria.

It is quite easy to spot when a static storm is about to happen if you have something like a smartphone as you should notice your connection to your carrier will slowly degrade until it disconnects, which is when the static storm starts.


The occurrence of a static storm is mostly a huge annoyance to most as static storms will temporarily disrupt all forms of radio communications until it dissipates. This includes Wireless connections, Radio connections, Cellular connections, Bluetooth connections and FM radio connections, but not satellite connections. Because satellite is not affected, GPS devices and services will remain operational most of the time, unless they require a connection link to a server hosted within a city in Arasia.

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