Name: SkyKoKieo

Alternative Names: SKK2

Age: 18

Origin: KoKieo Headquarters

Current Location: United States of America

Dislikes: ClockManV2, Django121, Nopihina, Water

Weakness: The safe room.

Personality, Biography & Facts

SkyKoKieo is a personality fragment of the original Yandols.

His existence was originally created for the Role Playing Game "War of KoKieos vs. Missingnos" on TREZ.

However, after the RPG died, SkyKoKieo is free from control of the KoKieo Clan and became evil due to an unknown reason.

He is rude and often curses a lot, unlike other users who just use curse words, SkyKoKieo uses curse words and mean it.

SkyKoKieo also hates anons just like Tez does and they both usually team up and attempts to kill anons when no other moderators are online.

It is often normal to see SkyKoKieo being mean to other members since he is evil.

Nopihina and NovaKoKieo always tries to counter attack against SkyKoKieo if he has done something at present time such as kidnapping Yandols.

SkyKoKieo is known to sometimes be "Emo" as stated by Nopihina, though SkyKoKieo rejects to be called "Emo".

SkyKoKieo is also known to always state stuff such as "I am immune to all damage" or "Fail, You can't hurt me, I'm invincible" when being attacked, most probably because he is afraid of losing, and therefore making himself Immortal so that he cannot lose any fight.

He is also the self-proclaimed "Legacy of Sky", while Sky Stelar is still only the "Next Legacy of Sky".

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