Shirogane Jeramu
Series Rocknarok Story Remastered
Kanji 白銀・ジェラム
Rōmaji Shirogane Jeramu
Age 15
Race Human
Gender Male
Job Returner
Affiliation Team Rocknarok

'The Organization'

More info
Weight 64 kg (141 lbs)
Height 168 cm (5' 5")
Weapon(s) Kirisame

Shirogane Jeramu (白銀・ジェラム Shirogane Jeramu) is an S-Class Member of The Organization and partner of Kurogane Keiji.


He is a teenager with sharp crimson eyes and hair of the same color. His hair is shoulder-length and he has twin sideburns of similar length framing the sides of his face. He wears a cloak white as snow with a katana strapped via a chain to his blue pants which he is always seen wearing.


He is an individual who tries hard to keep himself on track, and is strict on everyone including himself. Inside he is very passionate and kind, a trait easily seen after he begins to open up to people around him. He is also a sharp observer and has good insight, demonstrated in Chapter 3 where he deduces Lucian Kaitou's identity effectively.