SSS: Alternate Future


Seasons: 1

Episodes: Approx. 24

Aired: Not yet Aired

Aired On: Not yet Aired

Status: Coming Soon


The year is 2012, it was the last days of the OSR. WIND is taking over and Ophelia is about to fall. Using a revolutionary yet untested new time travel technology, 3 glorious Ophelia patriots travelled back in time to kill Yandols before he created Sky City. Amazingly when they return to the present, Sky City is still as it is. However they there was 1 problem, when they went back to to the past to save themselves, they altered the Space Time Continuum causing a new far more dangerous advesary to be created. The new nightmarish faction known as the LOD, were secretly building an immense army which has now been unleashed upon both WIND and the OSR.


Main Characters

  • Nikolai Dostoevsky - The Leader of the OSR.
  • Ziviria Vladimir - The General of the OSR.
  • Dr. Anthony Gustav - Possibly one of the smartest scientists in Ophelia.
  • ...

Supporting Characters

  • Yandols (Ep1 only)
  • ...

Impacts caused by dis-existence of Yandols

  • The Sky City Project is managed by the Sky Team themselves.
  • Cross System only existed up to Version 3.
  • Sara never existed.
  • Sky Technologies were limited to before Yandols was killed.
  • Rocknarok Inc never existed and aERO2 Corp didn't close.
  • Adrenaline Systems never existed.
  • TRRC War never happened.
  • LOD existed.
  • ...




  • This is possibly one of the only series where Yandols is not the main character.
  • Idea for this series was taken from the game "Red Alert 3"

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