RedEsta 00001

An early snapshot of Red Esta after being hit by a meteor attack. Also can be seen is the initial setup of the conveyor system.

Red Esta is a space station located in another sector in St. Space Adventures. As the name suggests, it is mostly Red in color. It is manned by Yandols alone and nobody else but designed for more than 4 people.


Red Esta was initially rushed to be completed as the sector it resides in has random meteor showers which randomly pass-by, destroying random parts of the station in the process. Red Esta was fortified with 3 layers of Heavy Armor to protect against the meteor showers.

Red Esta features a rotor-powered radar dish on the rooftop, which currently does not actually function.


2014-05-13 00005

Red Esta after utilizing the conveyor system. Also can be seen is the defense system also powered by the conveyor system.

Red Esta is the first station in St. Space Adventures to utilize the newly released Conveyor System. It was initially used to transport resources processed by the refineries to the Main Storage Container. However as time goes by, this technology spreaded throughout the base and is utilized for multiple purposes.

Upon arrival from another sector, you will see Red Esta covered in conveyor pipes, powering everything on the base. From the refineries, to the assemblers, and also the defense systems.

Supply Drop Zone

RedEsta 00008

The docking zone for the SG Patreon.

On May 14th 2014, Red Esta was equipped with a Supply Drop Zone as a docking station for the SG Patreon. Thanks to the conveyor system, the SG Patreon first docks at this station and then releases its cargo by using its Supply Drop System. Any processable resources received by the Supply Drop Zone are then automaitcally transferred into the refinery to be processed, while non-procesable resources are moved straight to the Main Storage Container.

Later that day, modifications were made to the conveyor system that allowed resources received by the Supply Drop Zone to be evenly split between all available refineries on Red Esta. This is a super-efficient upgrade as all resources are processed evenly to save time.


Red Esta is constantly being attacked by random meteor showers, which is believed to be sent by the Solar Empire as it always comes from the direction of where the Sun is.

When MasteredMune visited Red Esta on May 13th 2014, he suggested that Gatling Turrets should be added to the base since they are able to shoot down meteorites after a recent patch. Yandols implements these Gatling Turrets and later it turned out to actually work and was able to fend off the attacks from the Solar Empire.

The turrets were then repositioned and redesigned to work on the conveyor system to automatically fetch ammunition from the Ammo Storage Container whenever any of them runs low on ammo.

The conveyor system supplying ammo for the turrets is separate from the conveyor system utilized by the entire base. This is to prevent any possible problems such as resource clashing (you don't want to have ammunition in your breakfast cereal while the turrets are firing iron ingots).

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