Rai Stelar is one of the main characters in Sky Stories: Advanced Stories.


Alternative Names: -None-

Age: 16

Origin: Location Unknown, Year 2129 L.D.

Siblings: Sky Stelar (Brother)


Rai, before travelling back in time, starts out as a happy-go-lucky girl which is popular at her school for the many tasks she accomplishes. Though being a girl, Rai is a little bit perverted and likes to do perverted stuff to her elder brother.


Traveled 120 years from the future with her elder brother Sky, Rai Stelar came to the present year (2010) to aid Sky Stelar and Yandols in the construction of Sky City.

In episode trk_32 of Advanced Stories Beta, Rai discovers an untested prototype of Rocknarok Inc's Secret Information Storage Device which she accidentally breaks, causing the entire database of all stored Secret Information about Rocknarok Inc, St. Sky, and Sky City to be subliminally embedded into her brain. This is what makes Rai one of the main characters in the Advanced Stories.



  • Rai Stelar is suppose to look exactly like Misora Hibiki from the Megaman Starforce Series.
  • Because of episode trk_32 in the beta, Rai Stelar became more "Chuck" like.

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