Payon District
Main Information
Alternate Names Saint Cluster
Universe St. Sky Universe
Series St. Sky Stories

Payon District is the immediate area where St. Sky is located. It is also known as the Saint Cluster due to the amount of facilities within the district that are named after victorian saints. The Payon District was founded upon a forested area and is mostly surrounded by very dense amount of trees.

The Payon District is named after the botanical gardens Payon which contains many different types of interesting flora not seen elsewhere in the district or even the entire island, with some of them possibly centuries old. Due to the importance of these flora, it is protected and maintained by the state government. Civilians are allowed to enter and freely explore the botanical gardens but are strictly guarded to not disturb any of the protected flora.

The floating small town St. Sky is the latest addition to the district, after being founded by Yandols Zeon X in late 2008 next to St. Antonio.

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