NovaKoKieo's Avatar on the ChatBox

NovaKoKieo is one of Jeramu-kun 's 3 split personalities,and the most dominant one.Making him similiar to Agito/Akito/Lind Wanijima from Air Gear

Origin: NovaKoKieo's split personality was born for the sake of the Role Playing Game "War of KoKieos vs. Missingnos" on TREZ.

Age: 14

Personality:Nova is a friendly and kind person,and is willing to help other people even though his knowledge is limited. but very hot-tempered and will swear without reason or act like a baby.

Nova likes to talk alot,and sometimes require his friends to shut him up.He loves studying geography and tries his best to be a normal combat human.He is self-proclaimed as sadistic and will sometimes say unlogical things to "prove" it.He also has a stressful life and tries to live with it but sometimes he can't; which causes him to enter his "Gangster Mode".He often bullies his other personality Jtkl788 whenever he annoys Nova;however, nova is also protective over Jtkl788. His relationship with his other personality: ChaosLordOmegaFS is unknown, but he seems to have a strong dislike towards him.

Hobbies:He likes RPing,playing games,fighting,geography,japanese,english and makng sprite videos/movies,Drawing mangas

Likes: TRRC,TRRC ChatBox pals,food,RP,Fighting,Geography,English,Sprites,Anime,Manga,Insulting Teachers of their bad English, Mayune

Dislikes: Stress,SkyKoKieo,homework,vegetables,skool activities,choral speaking

Friends:Nova is friends with Star,Zel/Tez ,Joizer ,Clockman,Mayune and Luna.

Accents:Nova likes speaking like a japanese person,even though he sucks at it. He adds a -kun to most of his friend's names most of the time like Star-kun,Joiz-kun, etc. He also adds -sama to the people he admires and people who are older than him or have more power than him.He also likes speaking with an Indian accent most of the time,and is very good at it.

Nova is a RP lover and will RP anytime,anywhere as long as he is free.He refers himself as the "Speed King" because of his inhuman speed.He constantly uses his Speed as an excuse to not get hurt.He created the "Rulers of Rocknarok list" AKA "Tha List"

On March 20th, Nova wanted to spend his last holiday with his friends on Rocknarok, but everyone was busy and Nova thought he was being ignored. He started to feel like an outcast,and led him to leave Rocknarok for a short time.

On March 23rd, Nova found out that Sara AKA Yandols was leaving Rocknarok for a week to go back to his hometown for urgent business. Nova was told during March 20th that he was the main reason the Chatbox was alive and active, Nova felt responsible over the chatbox and decided to return to Rocknarok to keep their Chatbox alive. During that one week, Nova remembered that the most important thing of being a christian is to have patience, Nova started to regain his self confidence back,and returned to Rocknarok officially on the same day Yandols returned,which was March 28th.

As of now, Nova is the Alpha Moderator of TRRC, and does his best to keep things under control with Yandols absent.

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