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Nirvaxstiel, who proclaimed to have came to TRRC to replace his brother, Dark Saber Omega, actually came after his brother left unknowingly. Due to this, many more confusion about him was aroused in the community. Nonetheless, he is one of our good remaining Moderators that are online nowadays.

Age: 17.5 (As of start of 2014)

Nirvaxstiel (often called Kei or nirva) is a member and a GFX Artist of Rocknarok.

In the past, Kei was known as "Zel", or even earlier, known as "Tez" in the forums joined to replace his imaginary other persona "DarkSaber". Kei had a major chuunibyou syndrome upon joining Rocknarok. He switches between his "elder brother" persona and his "younger brother" persona. 

Some years upon his arrival, he finally graduates from his chuunibyou syndrome and admitted that all his background stories were lies. One thing that was certain though, is that he had a very good intellect and he indeed had a sibling. He also possess good photoshop skills due to the fact that at some particular point of time, he would get influenced by something he just watched or read and he would make a signature graphic out of it. He can also draw, when he is bored, [i]extremely[/i].

Kei still is a prideful and stubborn person as he was before, but with moderation. Due to his pride and his intelligence, he often creates a ruckus in the chatango box. However, putting that aside, he is a very nice person who would just go along with the river stream. He some times can be very mean and evil due to it being part of his personalities. He can sometimes be so lazy and care-free and could care less of anything. He is very alike to Nova and the 2 of them called them selves the Neko Bros. (They have personalities of a cat.)

Kei used to do some old programming. But he has forgotten most of it. He is currently studying under a programming course to re-hone his skills and learn new ones along the way. He is somewhat resourceful, as it has shown that he contain many secret information and files to share when in need.

Hobbies: Music, Gaming, Anime, Manga, GFX (Photoshop), Programming and Drawing.

Likes: Science and math. Anime and music.

Dislikes: Onions. Annoying work.

Kei is one and only person who originates from Vietnam in the forum. He speaks 4 different tongues with fluency.

Although it might not seem like it, but Kei is one who does his shady background businesses when he is not seen around. Most likely playing games or doing something entirely different.

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Nirvaxstiel's current graphical signature


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