Katsushuou City
Main Information
Capital Ion Wing
Government Parliamentary republic
Population Est. 4 million
More Information
Currency IKC (Interchangeable Katsushuou Coin)
Languages English
Time Zone GMT+7
Date Format DD/MM/YYYY
Drives on the left

Katsushuou City is a fictional location that takes place in The Nautilus Project. It is also one of the neighbouring cities to the City of Rocknarok, according to this series.

The City

Katsushuou City is an independent island city situated within the Sorak Region. Like the other islands in the region, it is surrounded by the Oros Ocean. By land transportation there is only 1 way to travel in and out of the city, which is via a bridge connecting to the Mainland Rocknarok.

Katsushuou City is also known as the most technologically-advanced city in comparison to all other cities in the region.

Notable Locations

Nautilus Industries

A company well known for being the first to infuse magic and technology together. They also manufacture magic infused appliances such as Magic Stoves and Magic Powered Televisions.

Deep underground lies Nautilus Laboratories, a top secret research and development lab that conducts on unspeakable experiments that is only known to limited people before Rufael stumbled upon them.

StarGen Corporation

Information currently undocumented.


A company well-known for producing mobile terminal phones known as "Halphone".

Each of Halycon's staff is a Force Guardian, and the company is actually responsible for the balance of the magical flow in the world. They send one of them to be assigned to be another's Force Guardian once that person becomes a "Special One".







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