Kari Yuunero is a fictional character in one of the SSS Series.


First Name: Kari Last Name: Yuunero Gender: Female Character Age: 17 Career: Writer Residence: Sunset Valley Appears in: -

Additional Information

Father: Daita Yuunero Mother: Shura Yuunero Favorite Food: Waffles Favorite Music: Pop Favorite Color: Hot Pink


Kari Yuunero is a famous writer born and currently residing in Sunset Valley. Kari is well known for her talent in writing, her career began when she wrote a fanfic at school for a movie she watched at the Sunset Valley theaters. Her teachers found out about her fanfic on the school forums and encouraged her to continue her thing at writing, and it turned out to be a big success. Dispite being on the honor roll of her school, she's quite friendly and usually gets along well with her friends at school, the park, and so. Her family is rolling in the riches because of her talented writing ability, Kari currently has 2 best-sellers and royalties are giving her 6 payments of a shitload of money per week for each book she wrote.

Genres of books written

Science Fiction

  • The Arrival of Neo Time
    • Kari's 1st book, written on 4th Sagemoon, 2010
  • Time Vs. Time
    • Kari's 2nd book, written on 9th Sagemoon, 2010
  • Time Vs. Time II
    • Kari's 5th book, written on 3rd Darkmoon, 2010
  • Time Vs. Time III
    • Kari's 6th book, written on 18th Darkmoon, 2010
  • Time Vs. Time IV - The Finale
    • Kari's 8th book, written on 10th Irio, 2010
  • Return to 1947
    • Kari's 16th book, written on 27th Karan, 2010


  • The Edge of the Earth
    • Kari's 7th book, written on 2nd Irio, 2010
  • Alternate Future
    • Kari's 9th book, written on 28th Irio, 2010
  • Infinity Realm
    • Kari's 14th book, written on 2nd Suria, 2010


  • When Girls Collide
    • Kari's 4th book, written on 27th Sagemoon, 2010


  • The Revolution of Eternity
    • Kari's 3rd book, written on 16th Sagemoon, 2010
  • Canon
    • Kari's 10th book, written on 7th Redmoon, 2010
  • War of the Worlds
    • Kari's 15th book, written on 19th Karan, 2010


  • Secret Identity
    • Kari's 11th book, written on 19th Redmoon, 2010
  • Chronicles of Kari
    • Kari's 12th book, written on 4th Suria, 2010
  • Chronicles of Kari II
    • Kari's 13th book, written on 16th Suria, 2010

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