Historical Timeline of Sky Region, and it's real-life counterpart.

Asterisk (*) at the end of an entry denotes historical events that also occured for it's real-life counterpart.

Pre-Sky Chronicles Era

Sky Chronicles Era

  • October 2012 - Strange Anomalies were detected originating from the nearby island to Sky City.
  • Late-March 2013 - Galicia was liberated after the operation came to an end. *
  • January 2014 - A faction war broke out in Sky City, causing an uproar and social interaction problems within the community. *
  • October 2014 - Yandols resigns from his work at JW's Corner due to "irreconcilable differences". *
  • December 2014 - Yandols embarks on an expedition to the northern regions of the Sky Region. *
  • Febuary 2015 - Kirameki Cafe closes down after 5 years of service. *
  • June 2015 - Sky Mountain erupted, causing an earthquake with a moment magnitude of 6.0 to occur around surrounding villages and towns. The earthquake was the strongest to affect Arasia since 1976. Eighteen people died on Sky Mountain and 137 other people who were climbing the mountain were stranded, but were subsequently rescued on the following day. As a result, from the earthquake, most areas in the Sky Mountain Park have been closed temporarily until the situation is cleared and undergoing repairs and rehabilitation. *

Post-Sky Chronicles Era

  • December 2015 - The status of Galicia is being disputed once again. *

Current Events

  • October 2016 - 2 Sky City government officials were arrested on suspicion of having abused their power in the granting of a project. A raid conducted prior to the arrest seized about AR3 million kept in a safe in the office of one of the suspects. *

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