Hikari Hoshikawa
Series Rocknarok Story Remastered
Kanji 星川・光
Rōmaji Hoshikawa Hikari
Age 14
Race Esper
Gender Female
Job Dark Blader
Affiliation Team Rocknarok
More info
Weight 42 kg (93 lbs)
Height 150 cm (4' 9")
Weapon(s) Twin Blades

Hikari Hoshikawa (星川・光 Hoshikawa Hikari) is the younger sister of Shōko Hoshikawa and cousin of Raiser Hoshikawa.


Hikari is a young and petite girl with silver hair that reaches to her knees. She wears a white victorian dress in her initial appearance, and her first impression gives out the image of a spoiled young girl. She has dark red eyes and a 'powerful glare' as described by the author.


Hikari is shy around people she doesn't know, but as she opens up to people her real self shows. She can be feisty and impulsive, arguing with Raiser in their debut.

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