Hangryon is a "planet" unlike planets of our universe, Hangryon resembles two hollow hemispheres (or rather, "hemi-shells"). Life flourishes inside the shell-like bowels, while the "surface" of the world are barren and fosters unique and dangerous forms of life.

By normal means it is impossible for people of the two hemispheres to meet due to it not being connected in any way. However, advances in magic tech and the understanding of the random void occurrences allows temporal rift portals that allow travel between the two hemispheres to be possible. Since then, "border patrols" were set up to make sure no hostile takeovers occur after travel between the two hemispheres.

The light from the nearby star reaches downward inside Hangryon, illuminating the lower hemishell, where The Southern Hemisphere is located. However, little light reaches the harsh wilderness of The Northern Hemisphere.

Southern Hemisphere

The Southern Hemisphere is where many races such as the Wolfen, Dogg and Birdmen reside. It is located in the lower hemi-shell of Hangryon and is bathed in light. The radiant light that surrounds The Southern Hemisphere has caused the people to become more vibrant and beautiful, becoming almost angelic in their appearances. For this reason, the Southlanders have become slightly arrogant in their view of the world. However, despite this arrogance, they still have compassion for others, although they show no mercy towards the Northlanders.

Northern Hemisphere

The Northern Hemisphere is the home to many races such as the Baerre and Panscarr. Located in the upper half of the shattered world of Hangryon, The Northern Hemisphere is a dark and frigid world. Largely covered in snow, barren plains, and steep valleys, the hemi-shell also consists of green fields and boreal forests. Despite not being in direct contact with the nearby star, The Northern Hemisphere receives reflecting light from The Southern Hemisphere and the Aurora Borealis that fills the sky. More often than not, the planet also receives evening light. Adjusting to the darker conditions, all life in The Northern Hemisphere continues to adapt and evolve. The rule of the world is that only the fittest and most capable will survive.


The Abyss is a void that exists in between The Northern Hemisphere and The Southern Hemisphere. It is said that within this abyss, there exists a floating castle named Yohoune, believed to hold an immense amount of power that maintains the balance of Hangryon.

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