Dreamsky Island is an isolated island a little far off from Sky City, the island's existence was revealed in the 11th episode of Yandols in the Middle.

Dreamsky Island is the largest island in the TAR National Seapark, closest to downtown Sky City and is covered with dense virgin, tropical forest. It has been a forest reserve since 1923. The island has 20 km of hiking trails and two 5 star resorts named Gayana Eco Resort, home to the Marine Ecology Research Centre, and Bunga Raya Island Resort on the north-east part of the island. Historically, Pulau Gaya was also the site of the English colonialist's British North Borneo Company's harbour, razed by the folk hero Mat Salleh on 9 July 1897.


Dreamsky Island is well known for a legendary beach at Police Bay. The 400 metres (0.25 mile) stretch of white sand, gently slopes out to the sea and makes Police Beach ideal for swimming in the crystal clear water. Police Beach fronts the upmarket Rosemary Island Resort. The coral reefs along the entire coast of Dreamsky Island are in excellent condition, making it a surprisingly good diving destination, considering its proximity to Sky City.


One of the only methods of transport into Dreamsky Island is from Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal in downtown Sky City, which is the ferry terminal for those heading to the islands within the TAR Marine Park (Dreamsky Island, Rancher Island, Remogan Island, Flick Island and Rock Island). This ferry terminal is also the departure point for patrons staying at either Remogan Island Resort or Sevarus Resort. While the speedboat owners on the island are kept busy, ferrying Filipinos schoolchildren, housewives and traders who sell craftwork at the Filipino market in the Sky City Waterfront.

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