The Crimson Region is the region of where SOL: Tactics takes place. The Crimson Region is made up of 7 states separated by the water. The Crimson Region is NOT the region of the main SOL Game.


Enteria is the leftmost state in the Crimson Region. Enteria is also the starting and main town of SOL: Tactics Demo. In the demo, the player is only allowed to travel across Enteria, and not to the other parts of the Crimson Region. A magical item once used to defeat a great evil is stored in the Enteria Northen Facility.

Cities/Towns in Enteria:

  • Locaria


Soloria, although not having a large town, is famous for possessing an Oribital Elevator, which allows travellers to travel to another region via the Skyland.

Soloria is connected to Severia by a long bridge.

Cities/Towns in Soloria:


Severia, is the Capital City of the Crimson Region. There are 2 forests in Severia, travellers are required to go through a forest to be able to reach/leave Severia. There is another forest after Severia, which is a sacret forest that Severia scientists are gathering information upon.

Cities/Towns in Severia:

  • Severia




The desert of the Crimson Region. Though being a desert, it is surprisingly not hot at all there. The City of Daikaran is surrounded by 5 pyramids forming a star shape, and an oasis to the northeast of the city. Each pyramid helds its own tale about unknown stuff. Travellers are required to go through the mountain in Nillrafil to be able to reach Daikaran as there are no sea routes to Daikaran.

Cities/Towns in Daikaran:

  • The City of Daikaran


Nillrafil is two towns seperated by a large mountain.

Cities/Towns in Nillrafil:


Windia, the rightmost and the coldest state in the Crimson Region. Windia is not shown in the Crimson Region map in the SOL: Tactics Demo.

Cities/Towns in Windia:

Old Windia


Hidden Islands and Easter Eggs

Due to the large empty space of water in between the states of the Crimson Region, Severia scientists believe that there are hidden islands somewhere in the waters of the Crimson Region.

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