Akira Zeon X
Universe St. Sky Universe
Series St. Sky Stories
Age 14 (First appearance)
16 (End of series)
Species Human
Gender Female
Affiliation F.A.N.G.
Status Alive
More info
Weight 46 kg
Height 153cm (pre season 5)
158 cm (post season 5)
Magic aura Vivid Yellow
Relatives Yandols Zeon X (father)
Appearances Canon: St. Sky Stories
Semi-Canon: Arcana Wars

Alternate Future: Paradox, Alternate Future X, XS

Akira is Yandols' only daughter. She was one of the three victims in the Timegate Incident, and has her whole life accelerated many years ahead of time. Because of this, Akira is only 2 years younger than her father due to the paradoxical effects of the incident.

Her mother is not known, as she was never mentioned and described by anyone. Akira also makes little to no references to her mother throughout the entire series. Yandols and Akira almost never talks about the mother either, leaving her very existance a big mystery.


Akira is a young girl in her teens. She has long red hair, yellow eyes, a large bust and a very curvy figure. According to Yandols, she does not resemble her mother in the slightest, but she does have her mother's eyes. This is most likely due to the side-effects of the timegate incident, causing most of her physical appearance to not follow genetics.

She wears normally bright colored crop-tops with short jeans, having her midriff exposed. Towards the end of the series, her attire changed and she is usually seen wearing a brown leather jacket overcoating a striped shirt.


Having memories built entirely out of future-occuring events, it is hard for Akira to cope with the present after having the feeling of "travelling back in time" when in reality she did not. Because her father does not know about her history gap, she often bonds with him and likes to talk about things like what they both normally do in the "future".

Akira is mostly happy and cheerful but can also be hotheaded. She also inherited her father's interest in incest, and tries to be jokingly flirtatious around her father when she's in her adult form.


Because of her exposure to the Timegate Incident, she is able to freely switch between her child form, normal teen form, and an adult form. She calls this process the "Modeswap".


  • Akira is said to resemble Yoko Littner from TTGL due to her appearance.

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