Aizirk Mayune
Series Rocknarok Story Remastered
Kanji アイジーク・まゆね
Rōmaji Aijīku Mayune
Age 16
Race Human
Gender Female
Job Guardian
Affiliation Team Rocknarok
More info
Weight 63 kg(139 lbs)
Height 165 cm (5' 4")
Weapon(s) Halberd

Aizirk Mayune (アイジーク・まゆね Aijīku Mayune) is a fighter who is after the H.A.S.O.N. Company's Ancient for a certain reason.


She is described as a young teenage woman wearing a long black coat and blue sports jeans with yellow lines. She has hazel eyes and waist-length black hair. She carries with her a halberd, her weapon of choice.


Mayune is a calm and reserved girl who shows signs of good upbringing. With a good fighting sense, she is also quick to act and puts other's safety above her own; evident when she tackles Hikari to save her from falling rubble.

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